Dance Etiquette

This article is especially for social dance students who would like to enjoy group dance lessons. There are little things which make a big difference whether the people want to dance with you or not.

Personal grooming

If you pay attention that you have no odor, but a good smell and a nice breath are sometimes more important regarding the joy of interacting with another person than how you actually lead or follow on the dance floor. Be careful not to eat spicy (Indian) food or onion and garlic before heading to a studio. Your dress should be also freshly washed. And if you sweat heavily carry an extra T-shirt with you to change.

What to wear?

It depends on the location and the dance style you choose. You should follow the studio rules regarding dress code if they have. If it is a social group class the best if you check what other people wear and try to find something similar in style. Regarding dance shoes, it is always better if you can buy a pair of dancing shoes than dancing in inappropriate shoes.  Generally I would suggest dressing up to something that is comfortable and you feel yourself good in it.

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