Rental Agreement




Congratulations! Your rental request was approved, please download above the Rental Agreement, fill in, sign, initial, date and email it to, or hand it to us in person. Thank you!

Read before you sign:


  1. A $1.000.000 Certificate of Liability Insurance naming both of the following as “insured” or “additional insured”:
  • Sizzling Latin LLC

1018C Almanor ln,

Lafayette, Ca 94549

  • Fred A. Gerace

2482 Becket Drive

Union City, Ca 94587

  1. Signed Rental Agreement (this form)
  2. Make the rental payment to Sizzling Latin LLC. Pay the $75 key deposit.


  • Rent for weekly group classes is due before the 1st day of a month for total hours reserved that month (e.g. April month rental due by April 1st).
  • If you prefer you may pay several months in advance.
  • Weekly Private/Practice rental: Take your private lesson sheets, fill those out every time you teach, and drop it in our lock box every time you used the room, and pay each time, or the last day of that month for total hours used that month (e.g. April month rental due on April 30th).
  • Rent for single Practice or Lesson or other one time use is due at the time of reservation.

RENTAL POLICIES (please initial each point and sign at the end.) All items applies to you and your students, or your rehearsal group. Let them know about the rules!

  1. You will receive a beautiful clean studio, when you enter to the room. The studio should be in the exact same condition for the next renter after your class, so they will have the same pleasant feeling, as the first person entered to the floor on a given day. If the studio is not left clean after your class, a $25 cleaning fee may be charged.
  2. If you need to set up the studio for your class, or clean your equipment, clutters of the floor after, please rent the studio space accordingly, and calculate additional renting times for shaping the room back to its original status. Brooms and cleaners are located in the storage and bathroom.
  3. Before and after your class please use the entry room respectfully for changing shoes, use the restroom, so it won’t disturb the class in the main room.
  4. No food/drink/street shoes allowed on the dance floor, only at the entry area. Place all your trash to the garbage bins before leaving the studio.
  5. No smoking, candle, chewing gum is permitted in the facility.
  6. If you left a black shoe mark on the floor, please remove it. Heel protectors are a must for high heels.
  7. Check when leaving the dance floor:
  • Mirrors are clean
  • Floor is clean and empty
  • All studio furniture and fixtures are damage free
  1. Check when leaving the studio and no one else is staying:
  • AC/Heater is off
  • All lights are off, (restroom, storage room, dance floor, reception area)
  • Both doors are locked
  1. Sizzling Latin LLC reserves the right to cancel any scheduled rental with reasonable notice if the Sizzling Latin dance program needs the space.
  • Call Timea’s cell: 415 868 4632 immediately if there is a problem in the studio. If there is an emergency please call 911.
  1. A renter will be charged a $75 replacement fee for any key lost or not returned. Key holders shall not make any copies of or allow others to use their keys.

In renting Sizzling Latin Dance Studio, I certify I have read, understand and will abide by the facility rules and regulations. I agree to hold Sizzling Latin Dance Studio/Sizzling Latin LLC free and harmless from any loss, damage, or liability.