The Salsa has a repeating pattern of six steps danced over the course of eight music beats. Salsa moves traditionally from side to side and features a lot of spins.

The meaning of Salsa is “sauce”. It is a taste, which is mixture of several components. The same principle applies to salsa music. Salsa is a general word for the different dance rhythms, which come from the Spanish-speaking Caribbean region.

Salsa music is a contemporary phenomenon in big cities, like jazz or rock. This music is created for dancing from the beginning, with the development of love and hatred, history and satire, revolution and prestige merged together.

From the black African slaves drums, and from the Cuban son-rhythms, salsa  has become popular in each continents.

There are three major salsa styles: the Cuban Salsa (Casino), the New York Style (“Mambo on 2”), and the Los Angeles Style (“On 1”).