After-School Program

Bring Sizzling Latin into Your School! Try it for one school semester, or even just for 6 weeks.

Sizzling Latin Ballroom Dance Program for schools brings quality dance instruction into preschool, elementary, middle schools, colleges and universities. Sizzling Latin world class professional coaches currently train the UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz dance teams. Sizzling Latin LLC uses dance to teach character development, build communities and make students physically and mentally healthier. During classes we teach Chachacha, Jive, Rumba, Salsa, Samba, Paso Doble and more fun Latin American dances. We also train and bring students to compete in local dance competitions.

Where can we conduct these lessons?

Program utilizes an open space, preferably with hardwood floor, such as a gymnasium, hallways or a class room. Mirrors are helpful, but not necessary.


After school during school time once or twice a week.

What are the benefits for your school?

Sizzling Latin LLC benefits the school by increasing their students’ self-awareness, grace, creative expression, motivation. We improve their focus, concentration and determination. Build their confidence, and prepare them to make responsible and smart decisions under time pressure. Our program promotes respect for others; peers, teachers, and encourages team work. Skills learned in class such as integrity, dedication and positive attitude will translate to the classroom in behavior. Poise, correct posture, and unique presentation skills are useful in all areas of life. The fundamental goal of Sizzling Latin LLC is to give kids the tools to succeed in school and in life and inspire them to take steps towards making their dreams.


Call for details: 415 868 4632 .