Dance Fashion

If you are looking for the latest trends in ballroom dance wear, I would suggest looking at those in current dance competitions. You don’t need to go to an actual event; you can find many videos on the web just don’t forget to check the date of the event.  Watch the top couples in your dance style, and see what they are wearing and how. Also there are high quality dress shops where you can also browse through the latest selection.

However there are new trends on the dance floor – for example now in Europe most of the Latin ballroom competitor wear very long earrings – you should always choose a dress which suits to your body shape and comfortable to dance in. Your goal is to emphasize your movements and your advantages. It shouldn’t disturb you during dancing.  Also, if you would like to compete, you should check the dress code in the competition’s rulebook. Usually the lower the category you dance in, the more closed and simple dress you have to wear. If you are a professional competitor and not an amateur, you can wear whatever you would like to, there are no rules.

There are some fashionable design elements, which are popular inside and even outside the dance world, such as:

Stones and Beads

Crystals and beads are timeless in their popularity in the dance world. The stones make your dress really outstanding and the shine and sparkle add a little flavor to your dance moves.  The most popular and most widely used stones are the Swarovski crystals, but now there are so many similar quality and less expensive version of these stones.

Texture and 3D Elements

Especially if you are skinny these elements can make a big difference on your dancing. Also these designs can add a character to a costume.

Bright Colors

If you are competing against many couples the colorful your dress is the more the people can see you. Especially for Latin dancing these colors can add spice to your dancing.


Personally I love especially the leopard patterns the most. Polka dots, tiger or flower prints are very popular nowadays. Depends on the dance you are performing, a print can be the perfect design element for your dress. Beautiful hand-painted prints can turn a ballroom dance gown into a work of art and really turn on the attention of the audience.

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