Kids Birthday Party Rental

Experience an unforgettable Kids Birthday Dance Party at Sizzling Latin Dance Studio! Our most popular option is a 2-hour party featuring studio rental and an instructor for $438. However, we’re flexible and can adjust the party length to suit your preference. Our party rental rate is $219 per hour, and we comfortably accommodate around 20 kids.

Here’s a glimpse of what your party could look like:

Party Schedule (example 1-3pm booking):

12:30-1 pm: Outside patio area available to any set up for free with ample free parking before the party (Garbage cans are located behind the hair salon.).

1 pm: Studio doors open for inside setup; parents and friends can arrange the waiting room area as they like (10 min).

1-1:15 pm: Welcoming guests, changing dress shoes if needed, bring in/setting up presents/food in the designated area (5 min).

Dance Class & Activities:

1:15-2 pm: Dance/activity class part I

2-2:10 pm: Break for Happy Birthday singing, candle blowing, cake eating, followed by the second part of the dance (10 min).

2:10-2:55 pm: Dance/activity class part II

Throughout the dance classes: Enjoy party-themed easy-to-follow dance choreography suitable for all, combined with options like gymnastics, ribbon dancing, obstacle course racing, or dance games. Kids arrive in their party-themed dresses, and we encourage taking pictures and videos. Children can request songs for the activities.


2:45-3 pm: Adults Clean-up/packing, kids finishing snacks, and departure (15 min). Alternatively, leave everything and pay a cleaning fee of $100.

On-site amenities include a refrigerator, a bathroom and more.

Payment & Contact:

Ready to book? Full payment is required upon booking, and we do not offer refunds. Payment can be made via credit card here (with a square fee) or through Zelle to or to 415-868-4632.

We’re excited to celebrate together! If you have any queries, please reach out to us at 415-868-4632 or

Let’s create magical memories together! 😊

Birthday Party
Birthday Party
Birthday Party
Birthday Party